To their surprise these guys are not Englishmen but actually Dutch street musicians who have been travelling all over Europe with their successful Lennon & McCartney act. The four of them discuss the possibility of doing some Beatles shows together in the Netherlands – just for fun!Back in Holland meetings and extensive rehearsals are planned and in December 1995 their first show as foursome take place. Right away they take the audience by storm. The passion for The Fab Four and their enormous stage energy create a phenomenon: “What an atmosphere!”; “I have never anything like this before! ”; “It’s just like the real thing!”; “Those voices are amazing!”.

THE BEATLES ARRIVAL BAND has arrived. With their authentic Liverpool accent, their original Beatles costumes, original Beatles instruments and matching Lennon McCartney vocals to boot, THE BEATLES REVIVAL BAND offers lots of hits, humour and unmistakable Sixties feeling, all combined in an energetic show that will take you back to the heyday of the fabulous Beatles.